Refresher driving lessons

Boost your driving confidence

At Trudy’s Driving School I offer refresher driving lessons or motorway driving lessons if, for whatever reason, you have lost confidence in your driving ability.

  • Maybe you have recently passed your driving test but still don’t feel quite confident enough to take to the roads on your own.
  • Maybe you have recently moved to the Dover/Folkestone area from another town or country and don’t feel too familiar with our local roads.
  • Maybe you have recently been in some sort of car accident, not necessarily your fault but your confidence behind the wheel seems to be shaky.
  • Maybe for some reason you are suddenly finding it difficult to complete once simple manoeuvres, e.g parking or reversing.
  • Maybe the thought of driving on motorways fills you with dread.

Whatever your needs, some of my refresher lessons could be exactly what you are requiring to once again instil your confidence into your everyday driving. You can purchase as may refresher lessons as you need.

1 hourly lesson

£ 30

Purchase as many refresher lessons as needed

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